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In the realm of poultry farming, one breed has gained significant attention for its unique qualities and exceptional taste – the Kadaknath chicken. If you’re considering entering the poultry business or simply want to delve deeper into the world of this remarkable breed, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to not only understand Kadaknath chickens but also to excel in raising them for profit (Kadaknath Chicks Price).

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Introduction to Kadaknath Chickens

Kadaknath chickens, often referred to as Kali Masi, hail from India, particularly the state of Madhya Pradesh. What sets them apart is their striking appearance, characterized by jet-black feathers, black beaks, black legs, and even black internal organs. This unique feature is due to their high melanin content, making them stand out in the poultry world.

Kadaknath Chicks Price

The Remarkable Characteristics of Kadaknath Chickens

Let’s explore the exceptional characteristics that make Kadaknath chickens a breed of interest.

1. Exceptional Taste

The most defining feature of Kadaknath chicken is its extraordinary taste. The meat is exceptionally tender, lean, and possesses a distinct earthy flavor. It is often considered a culinary delicacy and enjoys high demand in both domestic and international markets.

2. Nutritional Value

Beyond its exquisite taste, Kadaknath chicken meat is also highly nutritious. It boasts low levels of fat and cholesterol while being rich in protein and essential amino acids. This makes it an appealing choice for health-conscious consumers.

3. Medicinal Properties

Intriguingly, Kadaknath chickens have garnered recognition for their potential medicinal properties. Traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda, has acknowledged their therapeutic benefits, which encompass the treatment of various ailments.

Understanding Kadaknath Chickens’ Pricing Factors

Now that we’ve covered the unique traits of Kadaknath chickens, let’s dive into the factors that influence their pricing. To excel in the poultry business, it’s crucial to grasp these nuances.

Kadaknath Chicks Price

1. Age of Chicks

The age of Kadaknath chicks significantly impacts their pricing. Day-old chicks are generally more expensive due to their heightened care and feeding requirements in the initial days of life.

2. Genetic Lineage

The genetic lineage of Kadaknath chicks plays a pivotal role in determining their price. Chicks descended from purebred Kadaknath parents often command higher prices due to their desirable genetic traits.

3. Location and Availability

The geographic region in which you purchase Kadaknath chicks can influence their price. Availability and demand for these birds vary from place to place, leading to fluctuations in market rates.

4. Quantity Purchased

As with many products, buying Kadaknath chicks in larger quantities can often yield discounts. Consider your long-term requirements when making a purchase to optimize cost-efficiency.

Kadaknath Chicks Price

The average price of Kadaknath chicks in India typically ranges from ₹100 to ₹400 per chick, with variations based on factors such as age, genetic lineage, and regional differences. Buyers should consider these factors and local market conditions when purchasing Kadaknath chicks for their poultry ventures.

Kadaknath Chicks Price with Age

Type of Kadaknath ChicksPrice Range (Per Chick)
Day-Old Chicks₹100 – ₹150
1-Week-Old Chicks₹150 – ₹200
2-Week-Old Chicks₹200 – ₹250
1-Month-Old Chicks₹250 – ₹300
Purebred Kadaknath Chicks₹300 – ₹400
Mixed Lineage Chicks₹200 – ₹300
Region-Specific VariationsVaries by Region
  1. Day-Old Chicks: These are newly hatched chicks and are priced between ₹100 to ₹150 per chick. They require more care and attention due to their young age.
  2. 1-Week-Old Chicks: Chicks at this age are priced in the range of ₹150 to ₹200 each. They are slightly more developed and robust than day-old chicks.
  3. 2-Week-Old Chicks: At 2 weeks of age, Kadaknath chicks cost between ₹200 to ₹250 per chick. They are more self-sufficient but still need careful nurturing.
  4. 1-Month-Old Chicks: Chicks that are a month old are priced between ₹250 to ₹300 per chick. They are more independent and require less intensive care.
  5. Purebred Kadaknath Chicks: These chicks, descended from pure Kadaknath lineage, are prized for their genetics. They typically range from ₹300 to ₹400 per chick.
  6. Mixed Lineage Chicks: Chicks with mixed genetic backgrounds are available at a lower price, ranging from ₹200 to ₹300 per chick.
  7. Region-Specific Variations: Prices may vary by region in India due to demand, availability, and local factors. It’s advisable to check with local suppliers for precise pricing.

How to Find the Best Kadaknath Chickens at the Right Price

Now that you understand the pricing factors, let’s explore strategies to secure the best deals and ensure you get the most value for your investment.

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1. Thoroughly Research Local Suppliers

Initiate your journey by conducting extensive research on local poultry suppliers specializing in Kadaknath chickens. These suppliers often offer a variety of age options and genetic lineage choices.

2. Compare Prices Across Suppliers

Don’t rush into the first offer you come across. Instead, diligently compare prices from different suppliers to ensure you’re obtaining the most competitive deal.

3. Visit Kadaknath Chicken Farms

Whenever possible, arrange visits to farms that breed Kadaknath chickens. This hands-on approach allows you to assess the conditions in which the chicks are raised and verify their quality.

4. Explore Online Options

In today’s digital age, exploring online platforms that sell Kadaknath chicks is a viable option. However, exercise due diligence and verify the credibility of the seller before making a purchase.

5. Networking within the Poultry Community

Consider networking with other poultry enthusiasts and professionals within the poultry community. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations for sourcing Kadaknath chickens.

Raising and Profiting from Kadaknath Chickens

Now that you’ve acquired your Kadaknath chicks, let’s delve into the intricacies of raising and profiting from this unique breed.

1. Optimal Housing and Environment

Kadaknath chickens thrive in a clean and well-ventilated environment. Ensure that their housing provides protection from extreme weather conditions and predators.

Kadaknath Chicks Price

2. Balanced Nutrition

A crucial aspect of Kadaknath chicken care is their diet. Provide them with a balanced feed that meets their nutritional needs, ensuring healthy growth and egg production.

3. Health and Disease Management

Regular health check-ups and disease prevention measures are essential. Consult with a veterinarian experienced in poultry to maintain the well-being of your flock.

4. Maximizing Egg Production

For those interested in egg production, understanding Kadaknath chickens’ laying patterns and optimizing their nutrition can result in consistent egg production.

5. Marketing Your Kadaknath Products

To profit from Kadaknath chickens, effective marketing is key. Leverage social media, local markets, and online platforms to reach potential customers and create a brand identity.


In conclusion, Kadaknath chickens offer a unique opportunity for poultry enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike. Their exceptional taste, nutritional value, and potential medicinal properties make them a valuable addition to the poultry industry. By understanding the pricing factors, sourcing wisely, and following best practices in raising and marketing, you can embark on a successful journey in Kadaknath chicken farming.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the average price of Kadaknath chicks in India?

    The average price of Kadaknath chicks in India can vary depending on several factors, but it typically ranges from ₹150 to ₹300 per chick.

  2. Where can I buy Kadaknath chicks in India, and how much do they cost?

    You can buy Kadaknath chicks from local breeders, poultry farms, or online marketplaces. Prices may vary, but they generally range from ₹150 to ₹300 per chick.

  3. Are there any regional variations in the price of Kadaknath chicks in India?

    Yes, there can be regional variations in Kadaknath chick prices due to factors like demand, availability, and local breeding practices.

  4. Do Kadaknath chicks have a higher price compared to other poultry breeds in India?

    Yes, Kadaknath chicks are usually more expensive than common poultry breeds due to their rarity and unique characteristics.

  5. What factors influence the price of Kadaknath chicks in the Indian market?

    Factors like location, age of the chick, breeding method, and the reputation of the breeder or hatchery can influence the price of Kadaknath chicks.

  6. Is it more cost-effective to buy Kadaknath chicks as day-old chicks or as grown birds in India?

    Generally, buying day-old Kadaknath chicks is more cost-effective, as you can raise them according to your preferences and requirements.

  7. Are there any government schemes or subsidies available for purchasing Kadaknath chicks in India?

    Some government schemes and subsidies may be available for poultry farming, but they can vary by region. It’s advisable to check with local agricultural authorities for specific information.

  8. How do I ensure that I’m getting a fair price when buying Kadaknath chicks from a breeder or hatchery in India?

    Research and compare prices from multiple sources. Additionally, ask for recommendations from experienced poultry farmers or associations to find reputable breeders or hatcheries.

  9. Do Kadaknath chicks from certified breeders or hatcheries cost more than those from local sources in India?

    Kadaknath chicks from certified breeders or hatcheries may be slightly more expensive, but they often come with quality assurance and proper documentation.

  10. Are there any seasonal fluctuations in the price of Kadaknath chicks in India?

    Prices can fluctuate seasonally, with higher demand during festivals and special occasions. It’s a good idea to plan your purchase accordingly.

  11. What is the price difference between Kadaknath chicks raised conventionally and those raised using organic methods in India?

    Kadaknath chicks raised using organic methods may be priced higher due to the additional costs associated with organic farming practices.


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